Saint Francis of Assisi College
Saint Francis of Assisi College

About our School

    "Saint Francis of Assisi College had its beginnings in 1981, when the husband and wife team of Dr. Evangeline Oñas-Orosco and Dr. Arturo Agapito Orosco, Sr., opened a two-classroom preparatory school in Talon III, Las Piñas City to provide affordable quality education for young children. By 1983, the school's popularity was such that a two-storey, full elementary school building had to be constructed to meet the surrounding community needs. The opening of the high school department quickly followed in 1986, assuring placements for SFAC graduates in the secondary level. At the same time, two new campuses were established, one in Taguig City, and one in Los Baños, Laguna. ... Read more!

Vision-Mission-Core Values


    Saint Francis of Assisi College (SFAC) is a hub for progressive and holistic education, guided by the virtues of Saint Francis of Assisi that empowers learners with a solid academic foundation enriched by physical, spiritual, and cultural advancement.


    In line with this vision, SFAC is fully committed to:

  • 1. Deliver relevant, well-designed quality education from the Basic Education to the Graduate level, through its corps of highly-trained faculty;

  • 2. Nurture an ideal environment that hones students for academic success, molds them in cultural awareness, and prepares them for sustained participation and leadership in sports and athletics;

  • 3. Incorporate a values system in the curriculum that promotes love of God, family, and country;

  • 4. Integrate time-honored Filipino values in the pursuit of personal advancement.


    SFAC is guided by these core values:

  • 1. COMMITMENT – there is a commitment by each and every member of the Franciscan community to the vision set forth by the Institution;

  • 2. OPPORTUNITY – there is a constant desire to seize the opportunity to become better members and leaders of the community, as well as contributors to nation- building;

  • 3. RESPECT – there is an utmost respect for one’s self, peers, and co-stakeholders in the Franciscan community;

  • 4. EXCELLENCE – there is a drive to always make effective use of talents and skills in order to produce outputs of the highest quality.

Quality Policy

    Saint Francis of Assisi College is committed to:

  • 1. Provide quality education in its programs in the Basic Education, College, and Graduate levels;

  • 2. Perform its tri-fold functions of teaching, research, and community extension that are responsive to recent trends and developments and relevant to the needs of industry and its surrounding areas and beyond;

  • 3. Seek continual improvements in its institutional and departmental processes and procedures, in the service and satisfaction of its students, parents and other stakeholders;

  • 4. Invest in the development and training of its workforce – faculty, staff, and administrators, as partners in the attainment of its vision-mission- core values, and its institutional targets and objectives.

Saint Francis of Assisi College


    Our school logo is in the form of two superimposed circles, the larger outer one of a solid red field and the narrower inner circle of a white field.

    The color red dominates the logo design, red symbolizing vibrance and energy, the theme color of Saint Francis of Assisi College.

    The name of our school, Saint Francis of Assisi College, appears on the upper half-portion of the outer circle off the logo. Our school is named after our patron, Saint Francis of Assisi.

    At the lower middle of our logo is the Cross, where our Lord Jesus Christ was nailed and died to save the sins of humanity. On the cross hangs the “stole”, a part of the garment worn by catholic priests during the celebration of the Holy Mass and during blessings.

    Saint Francis of Assisi College is a non-sectarian institution of learning, but is Catholic- oriented in its foundation, policies, and practices.)

    Below the Cross are the words Fides et Humilitas”, or Faith and Humility, two virtues exemplified by Saint Francis of Assisi and which also serve as foundation virtues of our school.

    Above the Cross is an open and outstretched human hand, which signifies openness and reception to learning, as well as recognition of the dignity of human life and all things that are living – reflective of the virtues of Saint Francis of Assisi.

    A dove, symbolic of peace, rests on the open and outstretched human hand.

    On top of the inner circle of the logo are rays of light and energy, coming from a live and burning urn that illuminate the world and symbolize enlightenment as a result of learning.

    On the edges of the inner circle, starting from the base and going upward, are laurel leaves, symbolizing excellence as a product of hard work and dedication, as was in ancient Greece, where outstanding human skills and endeavors were rewarded with crowns of laurel leaves.

    The year 1981 appears at the base of the outer circle, the founding year of Saint Francis of Assisi College.


    Saint Francis of Assisi College empowers a learner with a solid academic foundation. It goes beyond the primary mission and raises the learner in an environment driven by commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence. While the goals of all scholastic undertakings continuously strengthen the academic structure, the goals of all other activities are geared towards physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and cultural development. It is this dynamic synergy of a progressive curriculum and a richly diversified set of extra-curricular activities that create a relevant and holistic Franciscan experience. This is further enhanced by Filipino values which prepare the students to be a successful learner and motivate the student to be an active contributor to the global community.

    The word “Academics” is in black to denote strength and sturdiness. “And beyond” is in red to represent SFAC’s school color. It is also italicized to indicate a forward motion, to represent progressiveness.

    The official font of the tagline is Impact. When used as a footer in official communications, the font size is 14”.


Saint Francis of Assisi College
Breeding institution of quality education
Abode of our noble youth, gemmation of our intellect
Established for our nation’s lasting growth

Saint Francis of Assisi College
Dedicated to our brave and humble Patron Saint
Inspiration to all his legacy and virtuous life
Lofty dreams which we strive to emulate

Discipline, honesty and perseverance
Probity which unite us into one
Compassionate and concern for one another
Sealed the bond of camaraderie in us

Onward beloved fellow Franciscan
Hold the colors with joy and pride
Do not waiver, come what may
Fight and conquer obstacles
Alma Mater will extend its unswerving care (2x)

Saint Francis of Assisi College!