About Us

The SFAC Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is a central component within a school's learning environment. It provides for the integration of guidance and counseling services into a comprehensive mode that crosses the curricula to address student needs through well-defined learning outcomes. This guide is designed as the program framework for Saint Francis of Assisi College. Some schools will find that they are already developing and implementing portions of the program model, while others will be starting the process of developing their first guidance program. This guide will assist the school in designing implementing, and evaluating a complete and comprehensive guidance and counseling program for all students.

Academics. And beyond.

  • Mission

    To create a transformative educational experience by engaging them in relevant and innovative learning opportunities that promote academic, physical, social and emotional growth leading to motivated life-long learners.

  • Vision

    We are committed to developing our students to be well-rounded Franciscans equipped with skills, attitudes, and sensibilities that will transform challenges into life-enhancing opportunities.

  • Guidance as a Service

    Guidance is one of the student personnel services which are getting important day by day. Student personnel services are non-instructional and non-administrative functions of the school. The classroom teaching and the administrative functions of the Principal are not considered student personnel services.

    These services are unique in nature and are provided to the students on individual or group basis. These services are provided to all categories of students such as talented, gifted and well adjusted on the one hand and retarded dull handicapped and problems children, on the other.

    Guidance, hence, is an integral part of pupil activity. A broader opinion about guidance as a set of services is expressed by G. E. Smith who described Guidance as a process consisting of “a group of services to individuals to assist them in securing the knowledge and skills needed in making adequate choices, plans and interpretations essential to satisfactory adjustment in a variety of area.”

  • Guidance Services:

    1. Administer Entrance Tests

    2. Provide Career and information Services

    3. Conducts counselling services and Intervention Programs

    4. Conduct / facilitates seminars

    5. Interprets Personality Test and other available tests

    6. Keeps record of Students Personal Information Sheet

    7. Placement/Follow-up Services

    8. Conduct Guidance classes